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Swinton Dental Centre


We have limited urgent appointments for NHS patients that are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Please ring to request an appointment  - 01617273018

PRIVATE only late evening and weekend


07938741639 - please call if you are enquiring for private appointments only

  • Whether your crown has fallen out,

  • You have lost a filling,

  • You have dental trauma,

  • You have dental swelling or bleeding

Or any other dental needs we are always here to help

About Us

Swinton Dental Centre is a dental clinic located in Manchester.

We have been established for over 30 years.

Our mission at the practice is to provide High Quality,  Individual and Painless Dental Care.

Our Dentists are qualified to the Highest Standard and we use all the latest techniques and cutting edge technologies to provide Our patients with the best possible dental care.

Services we offer include tooth filling, dental bridges, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, veneers, etc

If you are looking for a dentist or oral hygienist in Manchester give our friendly, expert team a call today.

Beautiful Smile


Welcome to all new patients, to register to our services. 

Please send the following details to the practice email address and we will be in contact once your application has been registered. 


  • Title,

  • First Name,   

  • Surname,   

  • Date of Birth,   

  • Gender,

  • Address Including Postcode,

  • Contact Number,     

Please also note if you have any dental pain. 

Please send the details above to


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is your Swinton Dental Centre Team 

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